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10 Tried-and-Tested Tips for Buying Marijuana Seeds Online without Creating Attention


Purchasing and cultivating marijuana seeds has become a normal way for many people who need medical marijuana and a self-sufficient recreational supply. Once you have all the essentials and a tent to grow cannabis at home, growing marijuana can be very affordable than purchasing it from streets, social clubs, and online dispensaries.

Purchasing marijuana seeds online is among the perks of modern eCommerce. Buying seeds online might be tricky because of some vulnerabilities, which come with transacting through the internet. Nevertheless, there are some tips that might avert a bad marijuana experience. Some of these tips include:
1. Check the Laws of Your State

In order to prevent any future inconvenience before purchasing online, it is important to understand the laws of the state you stay in.

In many states and countries, cultivating cannabis is still regulated or restricted differently. There are some nations where you can only cultivate a certain number of marijuana plants.
2. Find the Best Seed Bank

There are several seed banks online, but always remember to research to look for the right seller. A reliable cannabis seed bank, like i49, has a good name in terms of making timely deliveries and offering quality products.

You can also consult the best weed growers near you so that they can direct you on where to get the best seed bank online.
3. Prioritize Quality

Seeds in a dispensary are completely different from leftover seeds in a sack gone by. Basically, leftover seeds might be hermaphroditic, prone to genetic diseases, weak, and incapable of germinating. It is possible to evaluate the quality of marijuana seeds depending on their appearance. 

Old seeds are dry and cracked, while immature ones are light green, small, shriveled, and brittle, making them have a low success rate for germination. Unlike immature and old seeds, healthy ones are free from cracks and dark brown with a glossy finish.
4. Consider Shipping

The majority of complaints you might see online about buying cannabis seeds online originates from orders taking weeks to arrive and slow shipping times. The main reason for this is that many reliable online seed banks are situated in Europe, while the best cultivators live in North America.

This may seem obvious, though if you need faster shipping, be sure to go for a seed bank, which is geographically near you. If you stay in the US, a Canadian seed bank might deliver your seeds faster than those in Europe.
5.Pick a Discreet Payment Method

These days, online payments with a credit card option are secure. Many shops provide the possibility to purchase marijuana seeds through an external payment processor or credit cards. Buying seeds with credit cards provide a lot of benefits. For example, seed banks will receive payments without credit card information, and payment processors will destroy your data after transactions.

In addition, many reliable seed banks will ensure that no related descriptions are connected to the transaction. Though if you are still unsure of using a credit card, there are other options you could use. These options include bank transfer, bitcoins, and cash money.
6. Prepare Enough Grow Space

It is vital to know the space requirements when buying marijuana seeds to cultivate. When choosing seeds to buy, there is a given estimate of how much space you will require.

Generally, Sativa grows taller when compared to Indica, so keep this in mind when preparing to grow space for your seeds. If you plan to cultivate seeds indoors with limited growing space, you should prioritize this.
7. Opt for Medium and Small Orders

The bigger the order, the more it will likely attract too much attention. With this, you also risk losing when your order gets confiscated. If you want to buy a lot of marijuana seeds, be sure to place a multiple medium or small-sized order instead of one large order.

You might need to distribute your risks even more by purchasing your seeds from many vendors. Although you will pay more money for shipping, a confiscated shipment means you can lose the whole investment.
8. Look at the Customer Service

If customer service is not reliable and responsive, then it means it’s not a real cannabis store. Avoid going directly at ordering marijuana seeds because the website looks great. Instead, reach out to them and gauge their responsiveness and reliability.

You may also get seed sales promotions and some discounts if you become lucky by contacting them. Apart from that, the right seed company should have phone support, which will respond to all your questions.
9. Be Familiar with the Seed Type

Deciding the seed type can help you determine how much care your plants will require. For instance, feminized seeds will result in female plants. These seeds naturally occur, though they are created in a process referred to as feminization. Feminized strains cultivated in the right conditions are resistant to become hermaphrodites. By eliminating the requirement to determine the sex of cannabis plants, as a grower, you will increase your yield and save time.

On the other hand, regular seeds will produce female and male marijuana plants. These seeds are genetically or chemically changed, so they are natural. These seeds are simple for beginners to cultivate, though it needs sex identification. You will also need to stop male plants from pollinating female plants; thus, ruining your harvest.
10. Do the Paperwork

Some countries or states might ask you to hand over a government-issued ID so as to ensure the right age.

Importantly, if you are a registered cannabis user and need to grow marijuana for medical purposes, you will have to present the important documentation.

Final Thoughts!

As many states continue to legalize marijuana cultivation and consumption, most individuals are embracing a home-grown trend. This has resulted in demand for marijuana seeds and other necessary equipment to cultivate healthy plants.

In different ways, purchasing cannabis seeds is much like buying anything online. Even in countries where marijuana is legal, seeds are regarded as weed products. For this reason, you need to pay close attention to the legal status of cannabis seeds within your locale. Although it might be simple to purchase quality seeds, it is vital to spare more time to research all your options before making a final decision.

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