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Party like it's your birthday ...



Dirty thirty? Why's 30 gotta be dirty? I like to call it the "Flirty Thirty" ... perhaps because I'm turning 30 in less than a week. So on Saturday, Jan. 22, Butter is throwing me a Flirty Thirty birthday party!

Brittney Cason bday flyer

I may be turning the big 3-0, but I'm still a kid at heart (and often times, in action). Thus it'll be a “Big Kid” themed bash — fully equipped with a bouncy castle and sno-cone maker, being made with liquor ...naturally.

But this party is actually for the kids as it's a benefit for the Levine Children's Hospital. In lieu of gifts (and more importantly, cover) I'm asking for toys for my birthday, to be donated to the children's hospital. So bring a toy to get in free — your presence is my present!

And for an installment of Shit Brittney's Dad says: "This is your last week in your 20s. Don't worry about wrinkles. Look at me, I am over 70 and I hardly have a wrinkle on my face. That's what I got you for your 30th birthday ... oily, wrinkle free Spanish skin." ... thanks Dad!