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Mother Tucker, Max



Though on hiatus, I will be home Oct. 26 ... for like five minutes. But that's enough time to host a party.

An after party that is, for a book signing?! But considering it's Tucker Max's book signing, it makes sense.

Tucker will be at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in South Park signing copies of his new book Assholes Finish First, and afterward, we'll be at Whisky River ...


Since I'm too lazy to send evites to the entire city, consider this your personal invite to come party with the infamous Tucker Max ... oh, and me.

And you can win a special VIP invite to come party as our special guests (and on our tab) by e-mailing me via my website, and telling me who we hung out with after the DC signing, that sounds more like a joke ... or one of Tucker's stories. First three e-mails to hit my inbox wins.

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