Girls only | Brittney Cason After Dark

Last night, I went to ladies' night at Club Blumenthal. As in Blumenthal Performing Arts Center's Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women.

And my womanly secret is that I laughed so hard I almost peed a little.

I call it Club Blumenthal because when attending one of the many live productions at one of the many theaters (so many I always get confused as to which one to go to), it's like going to a party. It's nightlife with culture. For the Girls Only reception before the show they had catering that I am pretty sure I devoured 25 percent of, a bar with a special Duchess drink and Ring pops. I always said that I would rather a guy propose to me with a ring pop than a diamond ring... seriously.

I can see why they say the play is for girls only - the two guys there looked like their girlfriends that brought them there also applied blush to their faces as well. But there were a lot of hot girls there - so it'd be a good place for guys to go pick up chicks and, in turn, garner some insight into women.

Such as what we do at our girls-only parties known as "showers," what we stash in our purses - as the actresses showed us when they grabbed purses from audience members and started going through them on stage in an improv skit. And... how hard it is to put on pantyhose. Shout out to the fashionistas for bringing leggings back! And imagine the history of women performed by Tina Fey and Amy Sedaris. Did you know an Egyptian woman invented the beer?

There was also craft time with pads and tampons - they made everything from Christmas ornaments to wine corks. I even got a special "Girls Only" tampon that they threw into the crowd. That'll come in handy one day. Perhaps the next time I go to the Bo-Round Arena.

nice tampon britt

I think I may actually steal a line from the play. A girl wanted to break up with her boyfriend, but didn't want to hurt his feelings... so she told him she was giving him up for for lent. And now I have one of the songs in my head: "Who put the guy in gynocologist or men in menopause?"

Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women is running at the Stage Door Theater until August 1 with 8 shows per week ... go! I so adamantly insist you go see it, HERE is a link for tickets!

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