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In my column currently out in print: The EpiCentre vs The NC Music Factory, I said that there is no boxing match or cockfight between the two nightlife entities.

Yet, when I went to the EpiCentre last night to check out the new Mortimer’s Café and Pub and shop around for some nightlife, I was approached by some EpiCentre employees who reamed me about said article arguing that the EpiCentre is much, much better. For starters, it was not only busy and bumping, but actually open on a Wednesday night. Touché. They even went so far as to claim that all the bars within the radius of 4th to 7th Street between Church and College count as the EpiCentre when going up against the NC Music Factory.

ufc main

Fitting that I went to a UFC fight later. As I was watching two grown men beat the shit out of each other, I couldn’t help but picture EpiCentre and NC Music Factory bouncers in there fighting one another … but perhaps we can opt for a bartender’s battle.

As a girl the best thing about going to a UFC fight is not having to stand in line for the bathroom – especially when you start your period in the middle of the fight. Note to Bojangles arena – can you put some tampon dispensers in the ladie’s bathrooms please. There’s nothing like a having wad of toilet paper shoved up your vagina to ruin a good time.

Anyway, I'm sorry I lied to you ... here are pictures of Mortimers and more fight pics.





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