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Nightlife for those under 21



In my column last week: Overage: Are you too old to go to the club? we established that you're never too old to go out ... but you can be too young however. So I got my new intern, Chandler, to show me nightlife from her perspective… as an underage college student.

By Chandler Smith-Currie

I know 12 people with a fake I.D. … Now, I am not going to name names but this number was a little shocking to me. Why are all these college students resorting to aging themselves? After talking to a couple of friends and other students at UNC-Charlotte, the nightlife in the Queen city is not so “unders friendly.”

The majority of the people I talked to who venture out on the nightlife scene whom are under 21 only go out once during the week … College night. Typically a Wednesday or Thursday at Alley Cat and The Forum. Some other honorable mentions include Alive, Ice and Synergy. Well that covers Wednesday and Thursday, but what about the weekend?

The weekend club scene is not open to the underagers. So, those under 21 must have a pretty boring weekend if they can’t spend it running the streets of uptown, right? Not so fast, we still have our fun on the weekend … just not in the club. House parties are the place for those who don’t make the age cut at the club – or have a fake ID.

No dress code, no big fat X’s on the hand, and no waiting in line – those are the perks of attending a house party. Small, and sometimes rather large, gatherings can be just as fun as the club. As long as the iPod is on shuffle … and there is someone who is 21 to provide the beverages.

Our time will come, and we will be in the club on a Saturday night with the rest of the 21 and up crowd. Until then, I’ll take my college night during the week. And on the weekends, I’ll find somebody’s house to go to where I don’t have to stand for three hours in my four-inch heels.