Happy Birthday to me... and Butter | Brittney Cason After Dark

Happy Birthday to me... and Butter



I would like to thank Charlotte nightlife for coincidentally and conveniently opening clubs on my birthday. My first year here, it was Forum. Last year, it was Strike City … this year, Butter. I guess this means we share a birthday. They’re even talking about Butter NC in N.Y.C., on Page 6 of the New York Post.

But before I went to do the Land-o-Lake shake at Butter, I went to NASCAR night at the arena. That’s right… I had a birthday party at a Bobcats game! It’s even cooler than Chuck-e-Cheese, and without the two-beer limit. You can read about how one even has a birthday party in the arena and see the photo gallery on the Bobcats Break blog.

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