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America's Got Talent Wants YOU! ... if you're talented



I found this letter in my inbox from the Casting Producer for America's Got Talent, season 5. Basically, if you want to be on the show, well, then you should read it ...

Hi Brittney,

My name's Shannon, I'm the Casting Director for America's Got Talent. The show will be in Atlanta on the 20th and 21st and I want people from Charlotte to come down for it! I want to talk to you about how we can generate a lot of interest in the open call and also give you some more inside info on the "Q" acts that I need to book. I can get about 50 acts right in, in front of the judges where they won't have to wait or deal with the crowds. Most times, they are the people that end up being selected for the show. All I need from folks you know --or don't even-- is their contact info and a video showing me that they're at least good and I can book them a private audition time. Just need to spread the word and get what's good from people in the know. Like, I need the writers from your paper, your friends, their friends, the local/regional papers to come up with the best or most unique, most talented people they've ever seen in the Charlotte area. It doesn't matter if it is performance art, breakdancing, cake baking, wood whittling, spoken word speaking, dancing, quick changing, streaking, tumbling, etc... You get the picture. We'll hopefully be able to give a lot of people a great opportunity!

All the Best ...

So in synopsis, if you want to be on America's Got Talent just send me a video of yourself being talented. Send it to [email protected] ... consider me your direct line to cut the line... but really I'm just the Charlotte middle man to a casting producer in L.A.

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