Scrapbook of Shenanigans, Volume 9? 10? ... I've lost count


naked sushi

Dontcha wish your girfriend was raw like Sushi, Dontcha ...

Some debauchery at the Debauchery party at Kashmir ... now that's what I call some raw fish.


And for more naked people, I found this picture online ... of a girl at BAR Charlotte! Now I fully understand why "Girls Gone Wild" goes there when they visit Charlotte. I wonder if those stickers hurt her nipples when she peeled them off.

runway for ballet

And for some cultural enrichment ... Runway for the Ballet. Dancing ... what a much more respectable way to use your body ... just saying.

Speaking of which, the following conversation actually happened between my friend and me.

FRIEND: “Is there a difference between strippers and go-go dancers?”

ME: “There is a hierarchy of dancers : there are strippers, then go-go dancers … then NFL cheerleaders.”

mr and mrs roy

Over time couples start to look like one another ... Cason-Point: Mr. and Mrs. Roy Williams pictured here sitting in front of me at a Bobcats game.

phil vasser

Country star (and only celebrity who not only knows where my hometown is, but lived in it) Phil Vassar rocking the Kat House ... as in 96.9 The Kat radio station's lunch and concert in the lobby. Phil's like the Alicia Keys of country music ... he writes songs and performs them on a piano.

town tavern challenge

The Town Tavern challenge at ... you guessed it, Town Tavern. You have to sign a waiver in order to take part — and if you manage to do so without puking, you win a T-shirt (and presumably a really bad hangover)

wendy venturini

A member of NASCAR's media pit crew, Wendy Venturini, at the Lavendar fashion show at Whisky River


Some Storm Troopers at the Bobcats game ... they're big fans!

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