Cans is reopening tonight ... until Jan. 3 | Brittney Cason After Dark

Cans is reopening tonight ... until Jan. 3



Apparently, someone took a can opener to Cans and its Canteen because the lid has reopened, according to owner/operator Jay Runnfeldt ... for now.

Cans closed quietly, right before last weekend's Panthers home game nonetheless — which seemed suspect to me as that didn't really sound like standard procedure for Cans ... especially the quiet part.


So, they're re-opening tonight for the Panthers game ... and so they can go out with a bang. The lid will remain open until the Panthers' final game on Jan. 3 (because obviously our cats aren't making the playoffs).

Cans will only be open Thursday, Friday, Saturday (nights) and Sundays when the Panthers play. And their big finale will be their New Year's Eve party and the Panthers' last home game.

Come say farewell and drink a can for Cans!

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