Breaking Nightlife News: New nightlife has found a home in HOM



The cursed corner that was once Menage, then Hom, has had an Asian invasion and is now Fiji & Kashmir.

Now you can "Feast" at Fiji Sushi Bar and Lounge.


And where Liv used to live is going to be an upscale nightclub, Kashmir.


Kashmir is slated to open in two weeks and Fiji in mid-August. Meanwhile, the attic of the old Hom — Play — is still for lease

"This is a reinvention of the 5th Street Corridor" says owner Chandler Alan Beal with Bar Concepts Inc. who is also remodeling Indochin Grill and transforming it into an ultra-lounge serving Asian tapas and cocktails, such as Asian infused teas, until 2 a.m.

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