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I got the dish for you …



... as in Dish it Out pottery studio.

I know what you’re thinking, "What in the hell does a pottery-painting place have to do with nightlife?" Well, they serve wine there. And some of the best nights out, are nights in. Well, out, but not at a bar at least.

Places like Dish it Out allow for some good wholesome fun — and you have more to show for it than a hangover. Meanwhile, the kids can occupy themselves while moms can gather and talk about "adult things" and about how much they needed a night out.


They have just about everything you can imagine to paint, from plates to giant martini glasses to dog bowls to people bowls to jewelry boxes to … you get my point.

I made a ring holder and painted “With This Ring” on it to and gave it to my friend as a wedding gift. In her thank you note she wrote: “Thanks for doing arts and crafts for us Brittney — it was my favorite gift — something needed and something homemade.” And that was my favorite thank you card I received … it’s normally just, “Thanks for the Target gift card.” Because they know I wait until the last minute when everything on their registry is out of my budget so I just get them a gift card … considering 87.9 percent of my friends are married, they’ve figured me out by now.

Then you leave your pottery to be fired, and you can then walk down the street to Big Ben Pub for a drink, catch a movie at the Manor … or, go home and put the kids to bed.

They also host “Creative Parties” for birthdays, bridal and baby showers, and my personal favorite … girl’s night out. It actually won Charlotte Magazine’s Best of Award for “Best Place to Have a Party.”

Dish it Out has locations in Myers Park and Stonecrest.

And no, no one is in there replicating the scene from Ghost .

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