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Having a bash with White Trash



While I was in Nashville for the CMA Music Festival getting proposed to in Paradise Park, a trailer park bar on the Nashville strip (read about it in this week’s CL) – I thought it only appropriate to send Tiffany to a White Trash-themed bash … my poor interns

The White Trash Bash

By Tiffany Handy

A teaspoon of butter, a dash of salt and two half-naked girls … that’s how grits were served this past Saturday at the Nasty Productions White Trash party. The Visulite Theater hosted this Fifth Annual event and there couldn’t have been a more perfect setting … other than an actual trailer park somewhere not even listed on a map, maybe.


On one side of the bar was a pool of grits and on the other was the White Hammer game where the objective was to dangle a hammer from your crotch and try to get a hole in one with the golf ball. You might be a redneck if...

Upon entering, I had to push my way through a curtain of beer cans to get to the horseshoe bar, which was packed with rowdy rednecks sporting trucker hats, mullets, cut-off jeans and wife beaters. As I made my rounds, I met two of the dancers. From their tassels to their fishnets, these girls were all kinds of trashy… I mean sexy. Speaking of sex, I think more of it was being sold than beer. The Burlesque show pushed the limits of PG-13 but the crowd loved it. By midnight, the floor was packed with drunken Charlotteans just enjoying their weekend.


Are ye down rite piss’d ya mis’d it? Well then dust off your Go Go boots and get ready for Nasty Productions '70s party on Sept. 26. For more information, contact Traci Nasta at [email protected]

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