Taste of Charlotte ... what does Charlotte taste like anyway?



I felt inclined to check out Taste of Charlotte considering there was an emcee, karaoke contest, “Dance your @$$ off” dance party, the “Little Blue Choo Choo” and a Single Ladies dance off with the Lady Cats right outside my window luring me outside.

And further down Tryon there was an inflatable mechanical bull, a rock climbing wall, a “Frik-N-Frak” booth and an entire bathroom display with actual tubs and showers ... Random. It was like a mixture of an N.Y.C. street fair and Speed Street.


The most interesting thing at Taste to me was the “Other White Meat Tour” … a tour?! For some reason this doesn’t make me just think of pork — but it does make me wonder, what is the other white meat? ... Spanish? And chicken could essentially be the other dark meat, right?

Sure it’s a collection of Charlotte restaurants sampling out their food (for sale), but the food still had the decoy of street meat ... even if it is from a steak house. And it felt more like an advertising convention than a festival. But it was a great place to get cheap sunglasses and hippie dresses.


And there was Tavern at the Taste that featured entertainment from Tsunami Wave Riders, Joe Beckmann, and The Charlotte Comedy Theater.

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