There's Good Food, and ghosts, on Montford



I went to check out Good Food on Montford, which was, well … good food on Montford. Between the recently opened Brazwells and it's new next door neighbor Good Food on Montford, Montford Drive is transforming from Dive Drive to Divine Drive.


Good Food is a global tapas place and, let me just say, the food was an orgy in my mouth and a party on my platter. They have a cheese plate that will make you salivate …

But there’s something about turning around and seeing the man that broke your heart sitting with the woman he knocked up somewhere in between waking up with you that can make you lose your appetite. The thought of him watching us sit back to back pretty much made me want to throw up. But then the steamed bun with pork belly and hoisin came out and just looked so good my appetite came back faster than an anorexic's … I mean, it puts Carolina BBQ to shame.

Truth be told Mr. Big, Donnie, Jason, whatever you want to call him, is basically dead to me … so seeing him was like seeing a ghost. And I’m not afraid of no ghosts. Of course he still haunts me, I’m not going to lie and tell you that I didn’t uncharacteristically scour the parking lot for a blue Volvo while I parked because I somewhat sensed his spirit — just like I did right before I randomly bumped into him in Boston and then at the Quail Hollow Championship. I feel like I have a sixth sense or some shit.

But I got there first and sat first, and I didn’t actually notice him until I turned around to look and see who was being an obnoxiously loud drunk behind me ... him. But surprisingly I didn’t feel compelled to throw a drink in his face, or drink to sedate myself from my pain – I was neither sad nor mad, I just felt startled, like I’d seen a ghost. I know that I have to make it past my Caspers in order to live — an exorcism of the heart. But I have come to realize that the only way to free my spirit of my ghost is by doing the unthinkable … forgiving him. Guess you could say I’ve gotten down to the heart of the matter – and I came alive on my trip to Montford Drive.

Oh, and Good Food has good drinks too.


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