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From dive to divine – the new pub Brazwells is well, swell


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Between Moosehead Grill, Angry Ales, George Pappas and Jeff’s Bucket Shop, I used to refer to Montford Drive as Dive Drive, but it’s a little hard to now that Andrew Blair’s has opened for fine dining and wining, and one of the most famous dives, The Press Box, is now a premium pub – Brazwell’s.


Brazwell’s Premium Pub recently opened and it already has regulars. It gets crowded on weekday nights but all-out packed on the weekends, the owner gushed. But that’s not a bad thing because the new layout makes it more spacious than the Press Box was, and the new front made up of windows as opposed to a drab brick wall makes it more luminous in the interior. In other words, it’s no longer a dark box of smoke.


But the patio remains the same ... even the signage.

I took my Saint Sarah there for lunch on “Intern Appreciation Day” and she said it’s the closest thing to a real English pub that she’s seen since moving here … from England.


Brazwells has a good menu for both its food and bar, which is good for Sarah Before Dark and Brittney After Dark.


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