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Lebowski's ... is big!



Lebowski's, the new bar-a-raunt on East Boulevard is a neighborhood bar perfect for the neighborhood it’s in ... Dilworth. Located by Rockin’ Lobster and Big Daddy’s, it too has a bar, dining area and patio. (You have to wonder how they're getting away with the naming it that...?)


And following the Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ festival in South Park, said patio was packed for some samplings of a little beer (Sweetwater), Bourbon (Gentleman Jack & Woodford Reserve) and BBQ (straight pig - hold the swine flu).

Meanwhile, the Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Festival at Symphony Park in South Park reminded me of an upscale country fair with beer tents rather than carnival games.

They even had a contest that none of my friends were successful in talking me into entering (as a joke) …

Ms. Bar-B-Q-Babe Contest

For all our Daisy Duke-Wannabes - there is the hallowed Ms. Bar-B-Q-Babe contest. Not only will these fine-looking ladies be judged on their appearance and costume but also their knowledge of beer, barbeque, moonshine and redneck history. The lucky lady will proudly wear the Ms. Bar-B-Q-Babe sash, as well as receive $100 in cash!

Granted, I do know a lot of redneck history and I know that NASCAR actually originated from moonshine running.

Is it just me or is beer, bourbon, and BBQ an unlikely combination? ... I mean, you aren’t supposed to mix beer and liquor. To me, the name just screams tummy ache.

Speaking of which, my new landlord just alerted me to the fact that when Speed Street starts they set up fryers basically right under our balcony, which will make our place reek of oil that fries everything from meats to dough to cheesecake … can’t wait!


Lebowski’s is open for lunch and dinner and they have 60-cent wings til the end of April. And since it’s not Uptown you know what that means … parking’s not a bitch. Yet another reason Dilworth is worthy of venturing out of Uptown to liven up your nightlife.

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