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Happy Birthday to the intern...

By Sarah Coombes

Today, 4/20, is my birthday — and contrary to popular belief, I’m not out getting stoned. Although I do suffer from the munchies on a regular basis, but unlike Harold and Kumar, I didn’t go to White Castle ... I went to the Arboretum.

One of my favorite restaurants there (and in general) is Noodles and Company. There you have your choice of noodles from Asia, the Mediterranean or America — around the world in 80 bites (as opposed to days). My usual serving saint Melody always greets me with a smile and asks how my day is going, meanwhile Katie always makes sure I’ve been taken care of. With oodles of noodles and a friendly staff, Noodles and Company is like a noodle-topia of sorts. There is also a Noodles and Company new to SouthEnd.


And since you’re already down South why not try a little upscale southern cooking. New South Kitchen and Bar replaced Dakotas with its fancy fried green tomatoes and the redneck cheese board. And as a favorite for all night-lifers, there are nightly drink specials and live music Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Mickey and Mooch is another joint that offers nightly drink specials, and right now they are offering 20% of bottles of wine. And there’s live music on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


Just recently, Phil and Tony’s was transformed into a Chili’s. I know what you’re thinking — “ I could just go to Chilis anywhere,” but The Chili’s in the Arbo is a unique experience. This Chili’s is spacious and artistically themed with a lakeside view. And if it’s not the munchies you’re thirsting for, you can just walk right on past the hostess and make a b-line for the bar.

Perfect for us sloths who wake up at three in the afternoon and still want pancakes and omelets, Le Peep offers all day breakfast foods. I used to think Le Peep was just a little retail store, but turns out, it’s the Arboretum’s version of Zada Janes. So keep your peepers open for Le Peep- its heaven for those of us that mistake our mornings and nights.

And if you can get around the Arboretum world in 80 bites there’s also a little Greece and Italy: Akropolis Greek restaurant and Avantis Italian eatery

The Arbo is also perfect for date night – after you cure your muchies you can take a starry stroll around the lake.

To top off a smoking night, you can cool off with my own personal addiction … ice cream. Ben and Jerry’s supply the perfect flavor to feed the spirit of this semi-real holiday — the Cherry Garcia cone... rock on Grateful Dead, rock on!


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