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The shit show that was the Carolina Cup



While the Plaza Midwood Art Krawl was rained out, the Carolina Cup went on rain and NO shine ... and, for lack of better terms (and weather) was a complete and utter shit show.


The Carolina Cup is kinda like a NASCAR race, with a different form of horse power ... in regards to the amount of heavy partying off the track. Except all the men wear really tacky preppy and plaid pants and the girls wear Easter dresses and big hats.

At 9:30 a.m., I boarded a bus, was handed a mimosa and found myself on an Easter egg hunt on the bus. The weather looked nice the whole 2.5-hour ride there, but as soon as we parked ... torrential down-pour. After hiking through inches of mud we got to our tent — cold, wet and dirty.


There was one of two options — be a Debbie downer, or get sloppy-wet drunk. It was raining so hard if I had shampoo I could’ve washed my hair. Our tent broke out a slip and slide and a neighboring tent broke out the karaoke and started singing (and dancing) in the rain. And after a few beers, it was a glorious feeling.

By the end of the day everyone was just pretty much playing in the mudd. Some southern Carolinian took the horsing around. Like this guy ...


He stripped down to his boxers, started moving his body in a way that I wasn’t sure whether he was dancing or seizuring, then proceeded to dump his beer on the slip and run down it — but that didn’t work out too well for him as he ended up sliding down on his ass. I also saw a girl beat the shit out of her boyfriend, people getting arrested and I heard people having sex in a porta potty.


Oh, and here’s a pic of a horse in case you didn’t get to see one.

Might I suggest catching a bus to Queen’s Cup Steeplechase on April 25?

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