Hangover Rx



Just as Ponce de Leon set out looking for the Fountain of Youth, I set out looking for the Fountain of Detox — as in escape from hangover hell. Sure, there’s Advil and Pepto for the breakfast of champions, a greasy morning after meal and even getting hair off the dog that bit you. But if you don’t want to follow-up the 500 liquid calories with McDonalds, or drink like you’re on vacation, my hippie ass has found a holistic approach to hangover healing ... The Hydration Station at Planet Beach Contempo Spa in Caramel Commons.


It’s the perfect hangover elixir. You lay in this space ship looking contraption and sweat out all the toxins in your body while rehydrating and moisturizing your skin. Oh, but it gets better ... you burn 300 to 500 calories while doing so. It’s like a steam room on steroids; a detox spa.

I appreciate my readers so much that I wish I could handwrite each of you a personalized “Thank You” card. But I can do you one better — I am going to write you a prescription for a hangover cure — I have 30 free passes to Planet Beach so you can try recuperation at the Hydration Station, and it includes three sessions so you can also try their Lumiere Facial Rejuvination.

All you have to do is join my blog group then e-mail me an address (brittney.cason@creativeloafing.com) so I can mail you your certificate — well, at least the first 30 people to e-mail me.

P.S. HOM’s re-opening has moved to next Friday, April 3. Oh darn, guess that mean’s we’ll have to miss the Hootie and the Blowfish ballet ... wtf?

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