Sexercise with yoga ball dildos


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There's no product I'd rather watch an hour-long infomercial for than Pink Diamond's "Double Ball/Dildo."


I can only imagine how this sex toy/exercise machine was conceived. Was the inventor inspired by a co-worker bouncing on the exercise ball she used as an office chair? Did he find his muse in a naked adult using a child's bounce ball? Or, did he simply see a woman in yoga pants grinding an exercise ball in his pilates class?

The Double Ball/Dildo is built to support up to 330 pounds of bouncing sexiness. Handles are provided so the user doesn't have to grip the ball with just her thighs like an overconfident sorority girl in a mechanical bull-riding contest. Of all the versatile things one can do with this sex machine - namely pounding vaginal and anal penetration - perhaps the most unique idea is described by Pink Diamond as follows:

"Couples can introduce the double bouncing dildo into sexplay as an interesting third party. She/he can experience double penetration without the presence of a second male/Female partner."

Pink Diamond has yet to release any "instructional" pictures or videos, nor are there any detailed exercise routines to help users get the most bang from their sexercise routines. However, there is some chatter on Twitter that Filly Films may feature these balls in an upcoming scene. Hopefully the video will help illuminate the debate as to whether these balls are actually pleasurable or if they fall flat.

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