Want to live a happy life? Have sex as a senior citizen




Elderly couples who continue to have sex lead happier lives ... did we really need a study to tell us this?

Nonetheless, Florida A&M University has released such a study, according to Bangstyle.com.

Researchers were recently going over a past survey of married couples 65 or older, and found that those still engaging in regular sex were overwhelmingly happier with their lives and marriages. The survey polled 238 seniors and was conducted back in 2004 by the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. The participating seniors were asked to rate their feelings about their marriage and their lives in general by responding to questions that they either were happy, pretty happy, or not too happy. Upon reviewing these past surveys, the researchers noticed that there was a trend of happiness that related to couples’ sexual activity. Of those that had not had any sexual activity within the last year, 40% said they were very happy with their lives. However, researchers saw ta rise in this number to 60% among the couples that were having sex at least once a month. Similar results were found when couples were asked about their marriage.

Of course sex makes people happy. Look at the science of it: When men and women have sex, endorphin is released into the bloodstream.

Even British researchers agree that sex is good for you — though men get the most benefit.