Study says sexual harassment is a daily experience for middle and high school students


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As if reading about Herman Cain's ever-growing list of sexual harassment allegations wasn't enough, here comes a report that should disturb anyone with a school-aged child.

CNN reports:

Sexual harassment is part of everyday life in middle and high schools across the country, a new study released on Monday by a nonprofit research organization said, with the vast majority of students who have been harassed, reporting negative effects from it.

The study finds that some kids faced with this kind of behavior skip school and have trouble sleeping.

The findings also showed that girls were more likely than boys to be sexually harassed, both in person and by electronic means. The results also confirm previous research which shows the experiences of girls tended to be more physical and intrusive than for boys.

This report seems to have a direct link to a hazing incident in Clover, S.C.
Last month, the small town was in a tizzy at the allegation that some members of the football team had threatened to sexually assault a player with a broom handle.

Ten players were kicked off the team, the season went down the drain and no charges were filed. Also, the sexual nature of the alleged hazing disappeared from the discussion.

Prosecutor Kevin Brackett told reporters Thursday there was an incident at the school Sept. 19 in the locker room, but nothing as serious as the rumors that spread across the community in the following weeks.

Brackett says there was nothing more than what he called a "bunch of locker room horse play."

No wonder kids are afraid.


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