South Carolina catches hell, but umm, it's deserved. Man arrested for having sex in a museum


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Ah, Charleston. Cobblestone roads, great seafood, an ocean breeze and the place you shouldn't go to have sex in a museum.
Especially when you're already and infamous South Carolinian anyway. But that's just what 29-year-old Michael L. Miller did.
According to the Associated Press, Miller, who pleaded guilty three years ago to giving then South Carolina Treasurer Thomas Ravenel cocaine, was caught having sex in a Charleston museum.
Public sex is a thrill for most people, but they really don't trespass to do it.

The Post and Courier of Charleston reports that 29-year-old Michael L. Miller and a 22-year-old woman were arrested around 3 a.m. Oct. 14 at The Charleston Museum.

Police say the couple told them they met at a nearby bar and went inside the museum after noticing an unlocked door.

Miller told the newspaper in an email Thursday, "What can I say, I get around."

Prosecutors say Miller has completed his probation from his 10-month sentence for providing cocaine to Ravenel, so he won't face additional penalties in that case.


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