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North Carolina sex offender captured in West Virgina


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It's amazing who gets bail in the state of North Carolina. And it's equally as amazing how long someone can run from sex charges.

North Carolina man Heath Hayes spent three years on the run after being charged with seven counts of first-degree sexual offense and an additional four counts of indecent liberties.

Officials said they arrested 32-year-old Heath Hayes in New Martinesville Saturday morning after getting a tip from the North Carolina Fugitive Task Force.

NEWS9 spoke with U.S. Marshal Deputy Chad Simpson, who said Hayes' offenses involved a child who was 7 at the time.

Hayes was booked into the northern regional jail Saturday morning.

Here's what a judge needs to answer: Why was he given a bond three years ago?

Here's what the NC Fugitive Task Force needs to answer: Just what in the hell were you doing for three years?



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