Were you having sex during the earthquake?



It's a cliche, but people often say they felt the earth move after good sex. Well, yesterday around 1:51 p.m., it actually happened. Too bad the sex wasn't good for *Maya (not her real name).

Over lunch, Maya and I talked about the 5.8 quake that hit the East Coast and made Charlotte tremble for a few seconds.

"I figured something was wrong," she said. "I was fighting sleep while he was pumping in and out like a jackrabbit. Then it felt as if the we were having sex on a water bed in the middle of the ocean. And then bam, it was over. Pretty much the way we normally had sex."

Maya and her guy were puzzled and flipped on the TV to find out that the earth really did move. Maya said that was the last time she plans to get intimate with Mr. Lackluster Lover.

"It's not as if he can make the earth move again. He could barely make his hips move."