When the pedophile is a woman, the rules seem to change



You've seen the headlines: male teacher accused of having sex with a student. You've seen the public response: very passionate about throwing this man in jail.

In April, a Charlotte-Mecklenburg teacher, Raphael Yeary, was — according to the Observer — arrested and charged with three counts of felony sex offense involving a student and two counts of disseminating material harmful to minors.

No one has come out in the public to defend Yeary or other male teachers facing charges similar to this — not that anyone should if the allegations are true. But let's look at what happens when a female teacher faces the same type of charges.

In Ohio, a 33-year-old female teacher has been charged with 16 felony counts of sexual battery and three counts of offenses involving underage persons, a first-degree misdemeanor, for allegedly buying or providing beer.

But this is how her story is playing out:

Rittgers issued a statement saying that Schuler was a victim.

“Stacy Schuler is a 33-year-old teacher who devoted her life to helping and caring for others. It has come to light that during the period of the alleged misconduct, Stacy Schuler had become impaired and thereby unable to prevent the young men from taking advantage of her. In the fall of 2010, the young men involved in this case traveled across the county in order to take advantage of her impairment,” the release said.

“Stacy Schuler’s defense from a legal standpoint is based upon her inability to protect herself from the young men involved in this case,” the release said.

Fornshell said he’s “wondering” if this was a tactic to see if people would not be able to return to testify if the trial is delayed should the motion be granted by Judge Robert Peeler.

Fornshell said some of the male students will be going to college this fall and may have difficulty returning to testify at Schuler’s trial.

Why are the rules different? Women who commit these crimes are treated differently, their mental state often comes into play. Remember Mary Kay Letourneau? She's married to her "victim." Just imagine if she was Marvin Letourneau and had gotten a middle-schooler pregnant. I imagine Marvin would still be in jail.

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