A lesson from Paige Duke: When the relationship is over, delete all photos



Poor Paige Duke. What a way to find out that you were in love with a douche and a jerk.

Model and part time animal nurse Paige Duke, 24, has been fired as one of NASCAR's three 'Sprint Cup Girls' after nude pictures of her emerged on the internet.

Gutted: Miss Sprint Cup Paige Duke during driver introductions before the start of the NASCAR Sprint Cup. The model and vet is devastated after the nude pictures emerged

Miss Duke, who traveled the country as one of the sport's roving reporters, was fired because the graphic shots broke mobile phone operator and sponsor Sprint's 'morality code'.

The pictures of an 18-year-old Miss Duke were taken at college and sent to an ex-boyfriend.

Speaking to Fox news, a devastated Miss Duke said: 'I did not intend for anybody to see these and now I'm exploited.

Let this be a lesson to you: If you're going to send your current boyfriend naked pictures, remember that one day he may be your ex-boyfriend. If the breakup is especially nasty and you do something big in your life, expect those pictures to come back and haunt you.

How do you keep this from happening? Well, you could not send the pictures. But if you do, follow these steps before the breakup:

1. Sneak into his phone and delete them.

2. Check his computer, iPad, iPod, Playbook, etc., for duplicates and delete them as well.

3. Delete them from your phone.

4. Marry him.

5. Get photos of him as well and play dirty.