Spice up your love life ... by looking in the pantry



All of those potions and powders that you can buy at a specialty shop may be good for getting things popping in the bedroom. But, you could be wasting your time and money. New research recently published online in the journal Food Research International finds that ginseng and saffron are key to spicing up your sex life.

Many of the foods researchers tested are available in supermarkets or specialty food stores. With potential sexual satisfaction just a grocery aisle away, says Massimo Marcone, a professor in Guelph's Department of Food Science, “people may be inclined to try common spices such as ginseng, saffron and nutmeg, and there is no harm in doing so.”

Aphrodisiacs are appealing because they can theoretically enhance performance and libido without unwanted side effects from synthetic preparations. Blockbuster erectile dysfunction drugs Viagra and Cialis don't address libido and may cause headache, muscle pain and blurred vision; their use along with other medications can be contraindicated.

Not a bad trade off when a recent study of some drugs, like Propecia, found that some block your libido.

The medication carries a warning about persistent sexual dysfunction, along with potential psychological problems, in the U.K. and Sweden. But U.S. labeling doesn't contain such warnings.

So, if you cook dinner tonight, don't forget the saffron rice.

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