Planned Parenthood ... the reason for the government shut down?



It seems that our government wants to get between our legs ... or at least control who goes down there.

The GOP wants to defund Planned Parenthood and the Democrats won't back down on continuing to fund the program [and they shouldn't].

“Republicans want to shut down our nation’s government because they want to make it harder for women to get the health services they need,” Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said on the floor Friday. “This is indefensible and everyone should be outraged — men and women should be outraged.”

Both sides have gone to the mat over the issue, with pro-lifers arguing that Planned Parenthood is an abortion factory and pro-choicers pointing to the health-care aspects of Planned Parenthood’s mission.

These are the same people who you find protesting outside of abortion clinics without knowing why a woman has made this decision. These are the same people who don't know that Planned Parenthood is often the only medical help a woman can afford.

The group, which receives approximately $350 million in federal funding annually, has been advertising extensively about its good works. In a new video, actress Scarlett Johansson makes the case for Planned Parenthood’s importance. To Johansson, it is all about women’s health.

“A cancer that goes undetected, a sexually transmitted disease left untreated, a woman unable to get the birth control she needs to plan her family and take control of her own destiny,” she says. “This is the disastrous vision of some leaders in the United States House of Representatives,” she charges, citing the millions of women who get health care from the group.

Maybe the government should look at what's really wrong with this nation — three wars and massive debt should keep them busy ... while women get an annual pelvic exam.

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