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Want to get laid, but you don't want to pester your Facebook friends, go to the club or the local bar? After all, you're a broke college student. Well, there's a website for you and your wanton desires. (Should you decided to use it, however, you should probably remember what happened on Craigslist.)

But eduHookups has joined the World Wide Web to make sure students get laid. Looking through the website, it has the potential to blow up and become the Facebook of sex ... or fade away and become just another dating site.

NBC's The Today Show did a segment on the site, laying out the pros and cons:

After sifting through some of these listings, TODAY's Matt Lauer talked about eduHookups with Robi Ludwig, a psychotherapist, and Jeff Gardere, a psychologist, in an attempt to better understand how a site like that could affect young adults.

Ludwig plainly explained that "we don't know the short-term or long-term effects of a site like this."

Instead she focused on the fact that college students are seeking out a website in order to have sex in the first place. "It's not that hard to lose your virginity," she remarks. She doesn't think "we need a site like this to help college students have sex with each other."

What's worse than the fact that students are using a website like this, as Gardere explained, is that "when kids are in college, their identities are still forming. They don't necessarily know what they want." These kids might seek out casual sex because they believe that's what they want and need, but the reality might be entirely different.

He added on that he suspects that many will log on to eduHookups not just for the sex, but instead to see if they "can find a relationship or whatever is missing in their lives."

There are no North Carolina colleges on the site ... yet. But after Karen Owen's Duke Sex List, I'm sure that university will get the invite to the site soon.

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