WBTV responds to QNotes slam



WBTV News Director Dennis Milligan has one comment about the story that angered the editor of the LGBT news paper QNotes: "We're sticking by our story."

Friday, QNotes released a statement about a story that WBTV ran on its Feb. 23 newscast about alleged gay sex in James Boyce Park. The park is listed on a website called CruisingGay.com. The editor of QNotes, Matt Comer, said the story missed the mark because it didn't feature facts, an incident or the voice of the gay community. The news station did a follow up on the story after Bill James fired off an e-mail to find ways to stop the public sex.

Comer released a statement, which said in part:

If WBTV actually sought to be “on your side,” they would use their skills as so-called media professionals to report accurately and fairly on news of substance. Instead, they chose to forsake real journalism for sensationalistic tabloidism backed up by no numbers, no evidence and no fact – coverage that ultimately furthers stereotypes, discrimination, bigotry and prejudice against gay men.

Milligan declined to comment on any specifics of Comer's statement but said, "We're standing by the content of our story. We have confidence in our story, and we reported it in a pretty straightforward fashion and that's all I have to say. I'm not going to get into any specifics of what he had to say. He has his own opinions, and he's certainly entitled to his opinions. We stick by the story and our reporting of that story."

Steve Crump, the reporter who filed the story and was called out in Comer's release, declined to comment.

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