Shooting jolts local strip joint Club 124



Once again, people just can't go out and get a lapdance without bullets flying around. Late Sunday night, the party at Club 124 on Atando Avenue was brought to a close after a group of men were escorted out of the club for behaving badly. Then, according to News 14, shots rang out.

Police say as a group of men was being escorted out of the club for rowdy behavior, a couple of them starting shooting through the door. One victim was struck in the back and rushed to the hospital.

This is the second strip club shooting in North Charlotte in the last few years. Last November,  27-year-old mother of six, Juquina Harris, was killed outside of the Silver Fox Club on Statesville Avenue. Two men, Elijah Akeem Ashford and Aaron Ashford were arrested in connection with the shooting.

These incidents, though not linked, beg the question: Why bring a gun to a strip club?

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