Hide your kids, hide your information, too. Will Spokeo.com lead stalkers right to you?



A new website recently launched that has the potential to be a stalker's best friend: Spokeo.com.

The homepage let's you know, "Not your grandmother's phone book." And boy is that an understatement. Type in a name and it brings up that person's address, phone number, cell phone number, marital status and even social media sites. Scary that so much of your personal information is out there. Welcome to the digital age.

I give this site props, though. You can remove your information and it comes off instantly. So, when you log on (because I know you will) and type in your name, copy the link that comes up and then click on the privacy link at the bottom. If you have more than two entries you want to remove, you have to do it from another e-mail address. The site limits the number of entries you can remove from on e-mail address.

So, if you think that dude in the club (the one with the iPhone, nice body and kind of creepy vibe) that you want to have a one-night stand with might not take "it's never going to happen again" very well, pass him a fake name — until your remove your information from Spokeo. Sasha Fierce works for me.

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