LezView: An interview with Holly J and Dana Williams


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You've heard of ABC's The View — you've probably watched it a few times. But have you heard of LezView? It's a local show that looks at issues, entertainment and relationships in the LGBT community. With a roundtable format, the ladies of LezView film their show at the Lesbian and Gay Community Center in Charlotte. (And you can currently see it on YouTube.) Last year, the ladies even sat down with icon Pam Grier.

But in a time of Bill James and his "views" on homosexuality, Holly J and Dana Williams said that LezView has never been more needed in Charlotte. Creative Loafing spoke with the duo about the show, its future and why now is the time for LezView.

Creative Loafing:  How long has LezView been taping and what is the show about?

Holly J: The show started in April, 2010. How did it get started? It was just sitting around and talking about things that were going on. We were like, "it would be a great idea if we did something in the community." Then we said, "LezView." It's sort of like The View. We have four women that are on the panel, and we discuss different topics that are affecting the community. Each one does their research. I try to touch base on the hottest topics that are going on at that time. We talk about relationships, politics, fiances. Things that are going on in the community like entrepreneurs, focusing on what they have to offer.

What do you hope people, gay or straight, take away from the show?

Holly J: We hope that people can see how powerful our contributions are in the society that we live in. We hope to gain recognition by the things that we do and not by our sexual orientation. I think a lot of times, people just look at us and say we just want to be promiscuous and that's not the case. We do a lot of great things in the community and outside of the community that doesn't even effect the LGBT community. We just want to be looked at as we're part of the community and not the fact that we are same-gender loving. We want people to see how powerful our contributions are in the society that we live in.

In the aftermath of County Commissioner Bill James' recent comments about gays, calling them "sexual predators," how important is a show like LezView?

Williams: This is the absolute right time for LezView, just for the the simple fact of the people that we have who are supposed representatives of the Charlotte community sitting on this Commission. One of my plights is to work with our city officials in forming a gay and lesbian task force so that we do have some direct representation and direct contact to our city and county officials when they are starting to make plans for our city.  We want to make sure we are included. LezView shows the diversity of who we are an all of the talents that we have.

Do you think that when there is public discussion about the LGBT community that too much focus is put on what goes on in the bedroom?

Holly J: I do. There are so many great people doing so many great things despite their orientation or who they are sleeping with. It should not affect things that they do. We're not saying that President Obama sleeping with Michelle affects his job and what he could do. We need to stop looking at who we're sleeping with and concentrate on what we can do for our community.


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