Young men get the pleasure, young women get the shaft, says new study



There was a time when women went to college to get an education and a husband — or at least that's the story told to many in their youth. These days, if you listen to young people talk, marriage is the farthest thing from their minds.

A new study blames hooking up, the act of having sex with no strings.  For young women who have been using their prowess in bed in hopes of starting a relationship, prepare to be disappointed.

In an era when marriage is often far from the minds of young Americans, the book provides a fuller understanding of why that is, how the place of sex in romantic relationships has shifted and what that means for young adults. The outlook for relationship security, he claims, is more grim than ever.

"There have been many changes in romantic and sexual behavior over the past 30 years," says Regnerus. "One is that the 'price of sex' among unmarried Americans has dipped to an all-time low."

Regnerus and Uecker describe the "price of sex" as the cost — to men — of romance, status, stability and commitment that men exchange for access to sex in a relationship. They argue that despite women's successes, contemporary relationships are becoming more male-centered than ever, with men gaining access to sex earlier and more often, yet providing fewer and later commitments than a generation ago.

What this study doesn't point out, like a lot of these studies, is that women want the pleasures of sex and don't want to marry everyone who gives them an orgasm. While it's true, at least if you listen to your single friends, that sex is better when a woman has an emotional connection to her partner, not every 18-24 year old is looking for Mr. Right, right now.

Far too often, men profit from telling women they're going to be lonely for the rest of their lives. Take comedian Steve Harvey, for example. He's made millions off his book  Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. Why? Because women buy into the theory that we all are supposed to have a knight in shining armor. Maybe if women stop waiting for some Batman to come and save them and just live, love wouldn't have to be studied so much.

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