A satisfying sex life doesn't have a size



A few months ago, a study said fat men offered the most pleasure when it came to love making.

Now, The Better Sex Network is offering tips for overweight lovers.

The desire to have sex and be intimate doesn’t stop if you are overweight.  The desire is there just the same. However sometimes it can be difficult to find sex positions that work with both of your bodies, especially if you’re both larger individuals. Though your options may be a bit more limited, there are still several positions that shouldn’t be too difficult for you to accomplish. Added to that are some position aids that you can find around your house to help you achieve these positions, or modify others to fit your body and sexuality.

Doggy style can also be easily modified in a couple different ways to help you achieve it, if it’s difficult for you. Firstly, if it’s difficult for the female and she’s overweight you can place a couple pillows under her stomach. This will assist and alleviate the weight of her stomach pulling on her back. This will also lessen or stop the movements of her belly, which can be awkward.

Missionary can also be modified into cowgirl position; him on his back, her on top. Cowgirl position is a great option because it gives him a break, which is a good thing especially if he has knee or back problems. Also, it allows her to be in control. While this could be awkward if she has a larger, loose stomach; by simply leaning forward and putting her hands on the bed to either side of his head this will allow her stomach to rest on him which can make things easier and less awkward for her. This too will allow her to thrust at will and achieve a penetration position that she desires.

A last position that could help guys with larger stomachs is reverse cowgirl. With him laying on his back and her straddled on him but facing his feet, this leaves room for his stomach to not be in the way. This can also give her a feeling of control similar to what men feel in doggy style. This sex position can also offer room for both individuals if the each has larger stomachs as they will not be getting in each other’s way.

Of course, it takes more than comfortable positions to ensure that your sex life is satisfying. You have to be comfortable with yourself, small or larger, and your partner needs to appreciate your body, spirit and mind.

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