Sexy snow day



When it snows in Charlotte, the city shuts down. We don't like the cold in the Queen City, but when it's cold outside you should be heating things up at home. Snow can be the backdrop for a romantic and grown-up snow day.

The fireplace: Light a fire and place a blanket near the fireplace (if you have one) for you and your companion to relax on. Have your favorite beverage chilled. (And since you're so Charlotte, you have cheese and bread, so make sandwiches.) Turn all the lights off and play some soft music in the background while watching the snow fall.

Have a snow ball fight: There's nothing better than tapping into your inner child. While you and your mate toss snowballs at each other, make sure you have a warming station inside, complete with hot chocolate, whipped cream and warm robes — because you have to get out of those wet clothes.

Just stay inside: Movie day on the sofa ... in the nude.

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