Divorce and bigamy in Rowan County



Something caused a 49-year-old Salisbury woman to say, I want a divorce.

She and her husband had been a married for 29 years, according to police and media reports. Well, somewhere in Rowan County, there's another wife he's been married to for four years.

Lt. Terry Agner told WBTV that a 49-year-old Salisbury woman came to the Sheriff's office to report that she was seeking a divorce from her husband of 29 years.

That's when investigators say she discovered that her husband had married another woman in 2006.

The case has been forwarded to detectives for investigation.

It seems like every year some marriage ends because the husband has more than one wife — which is illegal people!

In 2008 a Cramerton man was trying to divorce his two wives and got busted.

Police have arrested a Cramerton man on bigamy charges.

Authorities told the Gaston Gazette that Robert Cribb married a woman named Teresa Bradley while he was still being married to his wife, Lisa Cribb.Police said Robert married the other woman so that she could legally leave South Carolina despite being on probation, and police said he told them he is trying to get a divorce from both wives. Cribb has been released from jail on $10,000 bond.

There is even a police officer from this area who was caught up in bigamy.

A police officer in a North Carolina town has been fired after he was charged with bigamy for getting married without divorcing his first wife.

Monroe police chief Debra Duncan said Tuesday that Darryl Howard was charged and then released on $1,000. Howard's court date is Dec. 4.

Duncan says the former officer has a wife in Monroe whom he married in 1986. He later married a woman in without getting a divorce. The officer was charged after the second wife tipped police.

Howard has worked at the Monroe department since 2002.

Duncan said the case shows that police officers are not above the law.

Some of you single ladies out there should be glad you didn't run across one of these multiple-marrying guys to get a ring put on it.

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