An alternative to Craigslist?



So it's harder to get your adult services from Craigslist now. Have no fear, seeker of random hookups on the Internet, Charlotteohsohandy is here.

Much like Craigslist, the site offers classifieds and a personal section. If you look closely, you can find ads for "a well-endowed male seeking wetness" and a hook up for the week.

But if Craigslist has taught us anything about online lust, you have to be careful. A pretty face or hot body could be hiding a killer instinct.

Please, however, be cautious when establishing a relationship online. The dangers are there, so be sure to watch for red flags. As much as we would like to be able to believe this person might be "the one", the truth is they certainly may not be. Never give your information online, regardless of how long you have been talking to this person.