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The new wedding-centric website, which features pictures and articles about local brides and grooms, has been online for two weeks, according to Glenn Burkins, QCityBride's creator; Burkins is also the editor/founder of its sister site, which specializes in African-American news and events.

"I looked at some of the other bridal site,s and I rarely saw African-Americans featured. What we do is really trying to serve what we believe is an under-served market and that's really what is behind it," Burkins said. So far, 11 wedding stories have been featured on the site, which is free for newlyweds.

"It couldn't be more democratic [to be featured on the site] — all they have to do is e-mail us at and give us the information and a photograph and they're featured," he continued. While Burkins said he can re-size the photos to fit on the site, the images should be high resolution.

Bridal websites are popular with people surfing the net, whether they're looking for ideas for an upcoming wedding or just admiring the style of someone else's big day. Burkins said another reason why people enjoy viewing wedding sites is to read the love stories.

"People love love stories. I didn't expect to enjoy these stories, but I find myself reading them. For me this was just a business proposition, but I find myself reading these stories about how these couples met and how they got married and I'm really into them," he said. "In fact, I'm editing one now and I'm think about how different their relationship developed from my relationship with my wife. They were high school classmates together and they were college classmates, then 12 years later they started dating and got married."

Timothy and Dionne Hines is that couple.

Though many of the couples featured on the site are African-American, Burkins said QCityBride is for all people.

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