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Women, we have it good (sometimes) when it comes to sex. We can come, come and come again. But for men, orgasms are usually one and done. But a friend forwarded me a question posed on Twitter by @bettersex.

Are there any men out there having multiple orgasms before ejaculating?

Is this even possible? According to some research, yes it is.

The good news is that men can, do, and have had multiple orgasms for thousands of years. Taoist teachings on sexuality that go back farther than that give explicit instruction for men on how they can experience multiple orgasms. Western sex researchers have also studied this experience in men and found clear physiological evidence that it happens. Also, it seems that many men can learn to have multiple orgasms.

We've been led to believe that for a man to climax, he must ejaculate. It isn't the same thing — at least not according to Taoist teachings.

Having multiple orgasms as a man doesn’t mean learning to have multiple ejaculations in one session of sex. Instead you learn to control your ejaculation and hold it back, while you have several non-ejaculatory orgasms. As you learn to play with your body and this experience, you may discover new sexual responses and feelings. Some men love these feelings and incorporate them into their regular sexual repertoire. Some men find this experience to have a spiritual element to it. Other men find that they aren’t as satisfied with non-ejaculatory orgasms (even if they are having three in a row) and they go back to having the same sort of orgasmic response they had in the past.


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