How long is too long to wait for Mr. Right?



I imagine this was a cute story to someone not as jaded as myself.

But down in Waco, Texas (wacko if you ask me, but I digress), a couple of high school sweethearts got married. The bride was 84.

Dorothy Stallings is a woman who wouldn't settle for less when it came to love. After nearly seven decades of looking for Mr. Right, the 84-year-old Texan finally walked down the aisle on Saturday with her high school sweetheart, Carl King.

"No one ever measured up to him," Stallings told the Waco Tribune-Herald. "I knew how much he cared for me."

Yeah, he cared for you so much that after you two broke up in the 1940s, he left town, got married and had a family. While Dorothy stayed single in Waco, measuring every man to Carl. That's just sad.

But when his wife passed away in 2007, the still-single Stallings was ready to finally stand by her man.

The couple dated for two years, then King proposed in May, and, this past weekend, they finally tied the knot in a ceremony that took less than 30 minutes. After all, if Mr. Right arrives when you're well into your 80s, there's no time to waste.

And it's not like Dorothy gave him much of a choice to be with someone else.

When King’s wife died in 2007, Stallings got in touch with King.

“I knew he was hurting and I wrote and told him if there was anything I could do I’d be glad to help, and sometimes it just helps to have someone to talk to,” she said.

King and Stallings started talking on the phone, and she would occasionally write letters.

In Houston for Christmas that year, Stallings said she asked if she could visit him in League City, where he was staying with one of his daughters, but he said he didn’t think it was a good idea.

On Easter in 2008, she asked again.

Stallings recalled telling King “ ‘there are some things I want to say, and I want to say them in person, not over the phone.’ ”

King agreed to the visit.

“We talked for four or five hours and didn’t even take time for lunch,” she said. “We started talking, and we said that there wasn’t a day that passed when we didn’t think of each other.”

Two months later King visited Stallings in Waco.

Ladies, don't look at this story and hop on Facebook looking for that high school crush that got away. Because if you have to wait until you have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel to get him, then you've wasted your life. Getting married at 84 means, no kids, Viagra-induced sex and pretty much a new roommate. And then with this couple being this old, someone is going to end up changing diapers — again.

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