Sex before the big game? You bet



If you've ever dated an athlete, then you've been kicked out of bed the night before a big game. You were either left fuming because you were super horny or had to get yourself off with a sex toy or two.

Well, here's a lesson from the World Cup, sex before the big game is not a BFD.

For Diego Maradona's Argentine squad, sex is fine as long as it is not 2 a.m. and accompanied by a bottle of bubbly.

It is one of football's hottest debates; is sex a distraction or can a little bit of what players fancy help ease the strain and tension of World Cup competition?

The polemic resurfaced at the this week after British newspapers said the pitch-side presence of the Spanish goalkeeper's glamorous girlfriend was being blamed for Spain's shock 1-0 defeat by Switzerland.

All things in moderation is the motto in the Argentine camp, and their virtually guaranteed spot in the second round suggests the liberal line is paying off so far.

"Sex isn't a problem. It's only a problem if they're doing it at two in the morning with a bottle of champagne on the go," team doctor Donato Villani said before coach Maradona and Co. set off for South Africa.

During Argentina's victorious 1986, coach Carlos Bilardo, a former gynecologist, said sex was fine as long as "the woman does the hard work."

Hosts South Africa have taken a similarly laid-back position, with the team coach giving a green light to conjugal visits from footballers' wives and girlfriends.

"We're not in prison or a military camp," said before The Boys' opening Group A clash.

At the base of flamboyant favorites and five-times champions Brazil, Dunga says the spirit is live and let live.

"When they're on their own, they can do what they like. Not everyone likes sex, or wine, but everyone has to do whatever they like," he told a recent news conference.

Sex is actually good for you and can make your life better. Don't believe me?

Sex gives you energy and at the same time relaxes you. Your endorphins get pumped up, you feel more centered and at ease with yourself. And as a result you are more efficient throughout your day, feel more accomplished, and more at peace.

For the footballer or the busy mom, getting some is the difference between winning and losing. So, have sex with your athlete boyfriend, just make sure he gets enough sleep afterwards, so if he his team does lose, you don't get the blame.

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