Sex Q&A: Papa George talks romance and voodoo



Is your lover gone, and you want him or her back? Maybe you need some spiritual assistance. That's where Papa George comes in. He practices voodoo to do many things, including reuniting lovers. He recently spoke with Creative Loafing about what he does and how, he says, voodoo can make love last.

Creative Loafing: So how exactly do you reunite lovers?

Papa George: Let me start out first by telling you what I do here. What I do here is voodoo. Basically, I influence people; love problems, money problems, court cases. Now, with a love problem, the first thing I ask them is: What do they want? Do they want it permanently or do they want to play with it? That's the first thing I ask them. There are three types of relationships: you want to play, you don't know or you want it permanently ... You know, the divorce rate in 1903 was like 1 percent and today it's like 56 percent. More people get divorced today, as far as I'm concerned, than get married. If you decide to stay with somebody, what you do is a spiritual marriage spell.

How does this spell change a relationship?

Well, you tie their soul and guardian angel to you. Now, that won't make life perfect; that's impossible. That doesn't mean you should go cheat on your mate either. But if you play it right, you will no doubt get a relationship the way that it is meant to be. Two people joined together, like the Bible says, two become one to go through life together.

How long does this spell last?

That spell is meant for permanency. It's not meant to get someone laid or to test the waters. That's mean (to be used) when you know what you want.

Can that spell be broken?

It would be very difficult to break that. Anything can be broken, I suppose, but it would be very difficult.

You said it doesn't make life perfect, so how does voodoo help?

My life is 3,000 times better with voodoo, but it is not perfect. For instance, I'm on my third wife. I've had two die on me. But I'm 60 years old and my wife is 25. And she's very good looking. Does she still get a little hard to handle sometimes? Yes. Do I get hard to handle sometimes? Yes.

How long have you been practicing voodoo?

I was fully trained by the time I was 16. It's not something you toy with. This was the thing I learned.

Want to talk to Papa George? You can call him at (800) 958-6636.

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