Sex Q&A: Pretty Feet Videos



Here's a fact, some men love feet.

Nail Fungus Pretty Feet

The owner of Pretty Feet Videos in Charlotte knows just how to capture that beautiful foot on film (or digital pixels) and video to feed the fetish of men who just love to see a pretty pair of feet. Though the videos and pictures sold by Pretty Feet Videos aren't explicit or sexual in nature, the whole foot fetish thing brings to mind sex.

Creative Loafing spoke with the owner of Pretty Feet Videos about what he does and why it isn't what people assume it is.

Creative Loafing: What do people get in a Pretty Feet Video?

Pretty Feet Video: What we do is strictly foot fetish stuff. People who have an admiration for pretty feet in high heels, foot jewelry, bare feet, pretty painted toes. Our shots are different angles, soles of the feet in heels, shoe dangling. None of my material contains any sexual content. There is no nudity or no sexual content in what I'm selling. It is basically feet and heels and things of that nature. I do provide some leg shots.

Who buys these videos?

My clientele are just people who are into that kind of thing. The want pictures, which I usually put on a CD, a minimum of 100 pictures, and the videos are between 30 and 45 minutes. It's predominately men who inquire about [the feet videos and pictures]. I'm going to say about 99 percent of the time that I'm receiving inquiries from men. Women rarely ever ask about it.

What's does the perfect foot look like?

Well, basically, not everybody may have pretty feet. So, I don't do anything that I don't consider attractive. They have to be well maintained, pedicures and things of that nature. You can tell the difference between a person who obviously takes care of their feet and the person who really kind of doesn't. So, all of my videos include very well pedicured toes and feet that are well taken care of with lotion. That aren't scaly and dry. That's not the kind of feet you will see on any of my work.

Where do you find your foot models?

I have a person that I work with who does that. I don't advertise for any models or anything like that.

Is there a big foot fetish community in Charlotte?

I think there is. I almost want to call it an underground community. Most men like pretty feet, but I don't think it's something that they will outwardly admit to. I'm speaking from experience. Most men do like to see pretty feet and it's pretty evident when I started doing this because I was getting calls for what I was selling. It was pretty much confirmation for me that there is a market for it. When I started doing this, people started coming out of the woodwork inquiring about it.