Mingling in the Queen City: What's in a name?



Boo ...

Suga ...

Honey ...

Babe ...

Whatever floats your boat, but calling your significant other or jumpoff a nickname is pretty common.

Until Usher decided to release a song with a familiar title " Daddy's Home" ... once that hit the airwaves, it seems like some folks lost their minds! Actually this goes back a little further because I have been all kinds of uncomfortable ever since I heard a 17-year-old Jermaine Jackson croon "Daddy's Home" ... and without laying the blame on just those two, there are plenty of other artists who have put that same message out into the universe.

So clearly, this has been going on for years and passed on generation to generation. It's a sign that folks are on some other ish right now.

What you mean Meik?

I'm glad you asked. I met a guy, we exchanged numbers. And I'm awful with names, so I ask him for his name again so I can put it into my phone; he replies: "You can call me just call me 'Daddy.'"

Really now? (As I "side eye" him and delete the number from my phone.)

When did it become socially acceptable to refer to each other as "Mama" and "Daddy" if you didn't participate in conceiving or raising each other?

What does that say about the men who want to be referred to as a parental unit, especially in the throes of passion (I've always wanted to use that phrase now I can, but I digress ...) and what does that say about the women who go along with it? Does this mean there are some underlying issues? Wel,l I'm not a psychologist so I don't know ... I just blog.

Before you go pointing the fingers at me — and I know if you follow me on twitter (@mofochronicles shameless plug!) you've noticed that I have tweeted with friends calling them "Daddy," simply because its funny that some females actually do it and mean it! I'm simply being snarky sarcastic.

I personally have a father who would probably wring my f'in neck if he remotely even heard me call a man that I'm dating "Daddy." I just find it odd to use that as a term of endearment when that's a title reserved for the man who gives me unconditional love and has raised me to become the smart-ass I am today. (Thanks Dad!)

For some, maybe it's the thrill of calling someone else Daddy. Hell, I don't know. Or maybe they are looking for someone to take control and have some sort of power over them. Or maybe there's just nothing wrong with it at all (Side eye blink. Blink.)

I challenge you men out there to think about this: The next time you ask a female to call you "Daddy," imagine if it was your daughter calling another man that. Lemme know how that works out for you. I'll wait.

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