Putting teeth in a sexual harassment policy for the city council



When Mayor Anthony Foxx sent an e-mail telling city council members not to sexually harass city staff, who knew it would cost $35,000 to find out that someone might have done something wrong.

If the situation of a city council member sexually harassing a city employee ever happens again, there will be repercussions - if a new ethics policy is approved in two weeks.

Four members of the Charlotte City Council are in the process of drafting a code of conduct for the city's elected officials following the recently alleged sexual harassment of employees by Council member Warren Turner.

Presently, the city of Charlotte doesn't have a sexual harassment policy that would hold Council members or the mayor responsible for harassment. Though Turner, who has been on the City Council since 2003, didn't have an official complaint filed against him, allegations that he had acted inappropriately with city employees led to an investigation that found there was cause to say that Turner acted inappropriately.

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