Sex Q&A: Sending him flowers


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Raymond, the owner of Colonial Florists of Charlotte, located on Sharon Amity Road, knows that he's going to see a lot of men come into his shop on Valentine's Day to send roses and other arrangements to their lady loves. But he's noticed another trend, women sending flowers to their men. You'd think a man wouldn't want flowers, but ladies, you know that feeling you get when a bouquet arrives at your job. Men feel the same way.

Creative Loafing: What kind of flowers are women sending to men?

Raymond: They send roses. That's basically what they send. When they come in, they usually have their mind made up as to what they want to send.

When did you first notice more women sending flowers to their men?

It's been a few years now. It sure has. Mostly during Valentine's it's more of the men sending flowers to women. But during the year, it's mostly women sending flowers.

During the spring months, what are the most popular flower choices?

The mix cuts, which are a little bit of everything in it.

So, ladies, don't be afraid to send that man a dozen roses. There's no telling how he will thank you for it when he gets home.


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