Dating makeover starring Jack Bauer




Women say that they want a good man. A nice guy who treats them like a princess. If that's the case, then my friend Jack Bauer (No, not the guy from 24) should be drowning in panties.

Don't get me wrong, Jack can be an asshole, but not to the girl he likes and guess what, that's his problem. For whatever reason, Charlotte women seem to like a man who has the potential to treat them like shit. Otherwise, you can't explain all the banker girls dating the unemployed tools of the city. (Yeah, stripped shirt man, I'm talking about you) So, Jack and I had a talk. And I told him, he needs to start treating the women he wants to sleep with the same way he treats his friends and co-workers -- kind of shitty.

Seriously? He wondered aloud. I nodded and broke all of the girl code rules and told him this about Charlotte women:

  1. They want to feel as if their man can protect them. And though if you had to, you could — that's not the first impression women get from you.
  2. You smile too much and that makes women put you in the friend zone immediately. Women around the QC wonder what will it take to make this guy smile? If you're already smiling, they're not that interested.
  3. Despite every woman in the club, bar or what have you screaming that she wants to the priority, she likes to see that you have other options. Truth of the matter, we want to know that someone else wants you. Now, those other women that you're surrounding yourself with have to look better than the woman you like. You don't have to like any of them. Just make her think that if she doesn't act right, it's on to the next one.
  4. Make her think it's her honor to be around you.

Jack looked at me as if I was crazy, until he started to let what I said sink in. And that day began the dating make over of Jack Bauer. (Of course that's not his real name.)

Over the next few weeks, Jack will be going out on the town armed with new insight into dating the Charlotte woman. And you can read about his exploits right here.

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